And more insanity…

There’s a bit of drama being played out here in Washington State. The issue being the question of whether an individual using cannabis medicinally has given up their 2nd Amendment Rights.

The publicity revolves around one Steve Sarich. Mr. Sarich is the Director of an outfit called Sentry Medical Group. He also has a web forum, cannacare. Cannacare, as I understand it, is both the forum and a support group.

I’ll go on record as saying that I don’t care for Mr. Sarich’s politics, methods or business practices. However, his Sentry Medical Group does provide a valuable service.

Sentry, in a nut shell;
Steve provides office space and a doctor. The doctor reviews a patient’s medical records and determines if cannabis, as a last resort after trying conventional medicines, could be a viable alternative. If the doc writes the recommendation the patient then has a medical affirmative defense in the event of prosecution.

Yes. It’s a rather messy way to go about things but as long as cannabis is a schedule I controlled substance… Many (most) doctors won’t begin to discuss cannabis with a patient. They fear reprisal from our federal government.Well, the mess gets messier.

On or about March 15 several young men attempted to Rob Steve Sarich in his home- at gun point. Sarich was hit with a couple of shotgun pellets. One young man was
severely wounded when  Sarich returned fire. And THEN all hell broke loose.

You can research Steve Sarich on the intertubes and get all of the reporting and opinion you care too. Like I said, it’s big doins here in Washington State.

The police removed the weapons from the home. I understand that’s standard practice in these types of investigations.

Understandably, Mr. Sarich attempted to purchase other firearms to protect himself from any further home invasions.

Now we’re getting to it.

See, there’s this federal form (4473) a person must submit prior to the actual purchase of a firearm. That initiates the background check. Mr. Sarich was denied his purchase. The local constabulary had reported to the feds that Sarich ( a qualifying patient under Washington law) was a marijuana user. And there’s this question on the form-

e. Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana, or any depressant, stimulant, or narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance?

Well, OF COURSE he’s an unlawful user of marijuana! It’s federally classified as a schedule I substance!

Will Steve Sarich become yet another victim of the War on Drugs? Will it cost him, as it has so many others, his life?

Sorry, Steve, no guns for you. I would suggest you sleep with your pants on and have
your escape route planned for when “they” come again. After all, they know you don’t have a gun. You don’t do you? You wouldn’t commit yet another crime, would you?

(I won’t comment on Mr. Sarich publicizing his current plight. That’s somewhat beside the point and I’ve already offered my opinion on Mr. Sarich’s methods.)


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