There’s a TV show called Cannabis Planet. It airs in
several areas of California and Colorado. It’s a
medicinal -slash- patient’s rights type of program.

Though there are more commercials than good info
I watch it from their website from time to time. Now
and again they provide some decent news and updates
on current events.

Their logo is the planet Earth, as seen from near space,
with a cannabis leaf imposed over it.

They slapped said logo on car #38 and intended to take
it racing. NASCAR nixed the idea!

Let’s see… There’s the Busch Cup. The Winston Cup.
Is that car still out there with the Viagra sponsor?
(I don’t watch smashcar)

So, smokes are fine.
Beer is fine.
Drug induced hard-ons are fine.

Can’t have that!


And supposedly, stock car racing got it’s start from
back in the day of that other prohibition. When guys
in hot cars with special suspension were running from
the revenuers.

It appears NASCAR has forgotten it’s roots.

Shame on NASCAR. Shame. Shame.


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