Sativex is the product I’m referring to in the treatment of
MS. GW Pharmaceuticals is the manufacturer (Medicinal
Use- Act I, Scene I). In Canada, the product has also been
approved for cancer patients experiencing extreme pain
and maxing out on opiate pain killers.

And this is exciting! According to their website Sativex is
undergoing clinical trials right here in the States!

I read in the local paper, here a while back, that
Washington State University is doing a study on the
synergic relationship between cannabis and opioid pain

Folks with chronic pain tend to develop a “tolerance”
to pain medications over a period of time. What typically
happens is they max-out on the safe doses of the drug.
Then another, more potent (so to speak) drug is prescribed and the cycle starts again. Once a patient
is maxed-out on, say, morphine patches that’s about
the end of the road. Bummer deal dude.

The theory goes that cannabis aids in mitigating that
scenario. Smaller doses of opioids are required when they
are used in conjunction with cannabis. Ergo, the synergetic

There’s been plenty of anecdotal evidence to support this.
I’m happy to see a scientific study being carried out that
will undoubtedly prove the hypothesis to be true.

GW Pharmaceuticals is also doing research on the effect of
Cannabidiol on cancerous tumors.

In breast cancer there is a protien that is elevated in the
tumours. The studies are showing that CBD acts directly on
the production of this protien. And further, it’s apparent
that CBD inhibits the production of reactive oxygen at the
tumour sites.

I briefly mentioned the dampening effect of CBD over in
the Hemp Category. GW is currently working on using CBD
to treat schizophrenia and other psychological disorders.

I’ve been a staunch believer that one of the reasons
cannabis is still classified as schedule I is due to lobbying
of the major pharmaceutical companies. How can you
patent a plant a person can easily grow at home?

Those companies should pull their head out and take a
look at GW Pharm.’s model.

This isn’t a bunch of hippies sitting around beating drums
and getting loaded (not that there’s anything wrong with
that). This is real science.

With that science in their face hopefully the U.S.
Government won’t be able to maintain the schedule I
farce much longer.


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