All right. The dog poop out back is picked up.
It’s Easter, but I’m not a religious man and all of the kids
are grown. There’s no responsibilities for me there.
It’s a nasty day outdoors in this part of Washington.

I’ll tell you the timber story.
Let’s just call this entry a story. If that’s all right? Though
I have the time I don’t care to chase down my sources
this afternoon. I would encourage you to do a bit of
your own research and see where I might go astray. If at

Once upon a time (circa early 1900’s) there was an
individual that owned quite a number of news papers.
He made a few movies too. I suppose today we would
call it a media conglomerate. It’s been said this
person was a racist and used his media to spread his

To make matters worse there was a revolution in Mexico.
There was this fellow, Poncho Villa they called him, that
had made raids into the United States. The raid on
Columbus, New Mexico is somewhat infamous.

That was when President Wilson sent General Pershing
(yeah, that Pershing) down south on a “Punitive
Expedition.” The idea was to catch Poncho.

Somehow, somewhere in all of this mess our racist media
mogul, whom was heavily invested in timber for his news
print, lost 800,000 acres to Poncho.

Wait. Wait. I’m getting sidetracked. Duh.
That whole Poncho mess has more to do with how the
word “marijuana” became associated with law.

Okay, okay. So our timber heavy invested, racist, media
mogul is P.O.’d.

Hemp wasn’t all that viable as paper at the time because
it was waaaay too labor intensive to process. But then-
This cat, somethinganother somethinganother Schlichten
patented what he called a decorticating machine (1917?).
It dropped the labor hours enough so that it would be
more cost effective to make paper from that than from
wood. Like half the price, er, somthin’ like that.


Unless you were a timber heavy invested, racist, media mogul. Whom, by the way, had special dislike for Mexicans.
Some of which were bringing a weed with them to the
United States. The Mexicans called it marijuana.

“Reefer Madness” was born.
It was corrupting our children.
Those black people were playing Devil Music while on the
stuff. Something had to be done!

Mr. Mogul got busy spreading the word!!!
The Marijuana Tax act of 1937 was passed.
The cultivation of hemp in the United States was effectively
outlawed. Mr. mogul made news print from timber
harvested from his investments.

And he built castles.
And a certain synthetics manufacturer and a certain government employee had a grand time visting
Mr. Mogul. They would laugh and laugh…

(So the last two sentences are totally fictitious. So?)


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