To My State Legislator


RE: Cannabis

Good day Senator Pridemore.

Yes, cannabis is a hot topic these days. State’s rights as well, and with good reason. In my opinion the citizens of these United States have had enough of the strong arming from the federal government. They question the validity of a variety of federal laws. The particular law I care to address at this time is the prohibition and classification of cannabis as a schedule I drug.

I won’t waste your time with prison statistics. I won’t bore you with the death statistics from the overdose, or as a “side effect” of FDA approved drugs. I’ll not go into a tirade about how the argument of protecting the children is a red herring. Any individual that has done cursory research on the subject of cannabis is already aware of the facts.

I would like to lobby for state’s rights and a state’s responsibility to its citizens. Two prominent figures in our history are Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. Perhaps you are familiar with what became known as the “principles of ‘98”? In these gentlemen’s opinion it was a state’s responsibility to challenge unjust federal law. It’s part of the checks and balances.

I wasn’t in favor of the recent HB 2401. It was detrimental to the authorized patients of Washington State. What took me aback  though was Committee Chairman Hurst’s statement that he had taken an oath to uphold both Washington law and federal. If a legislator’s oath of office does include such fealty then I would posit that is a conflict of interest.

Certainly you’ve heard of nullification. When a federal law is outlandish on the face of it the states have the right, the responsibility, to say no. I think it’s time to say no. No- the state of Washington will not tip-toe around federal law with decriminalization.  No longer will the state of Washington follow in step with the large lobbying organizations that manipulate Congress.



The pharmaceutical companies and agricultural chemical companies be damned.

I think it’s high time the state’s legislators listened to their constituents.  The rumble across the nation is evident. I’m proud to be a Washingtonian. My pride would swell if Washington State had the lead in a movement that is certain to gain momentum. The war on marijuana? Please, just say “No.”

Thank you,


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