Give Kids Pot!?

Are you nuts?!

How’s about we replace the word “give” with “administer”.

Over on some obscure email list I’m on a gentleman posted a link about a 9 year old kid with autism. His parents had tried the whole myriad of medications and therapy with poor results. Finally as a last ditch effort they tried a bit of cannabis. I sorta breezed through the story (page something of something) figuring I had already seen it on Cannabis Planet TV (cut down on the commercials already!). 

It wasn’t.

So I went in search of that particular clip and came across another about a mom at wit’s end. Six pills at a time for the child resulting in not only insomnia but liver damage. She finally went the cannabis route out of desperation. This particular kid is an extreme case. He can’t\doesn’t walk, etc. The cannabis doesn’t have him up running laps (okay he still doesn’t walk) but, to quote from the clip, “His therapist commented she didn’t know he had teeth. She had never seen him smile.”

Am I advocating letting a 13 year old kid smoke fatties? Not even. Not even close. I’m advocating cannabis as medicine. A medicine for people of all ages.

I don’t like posting links ‘cuz they’re, like, here today gone tomorrow. I’m going to give you the link I recieved on that obscure email list. Only because it’s very well written (what?!!) and the damned thing had tears running down my cheeks. The mom is very learned and offers further information on autism in children and cannabis.

Read it.


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