Who Benefits From Prohibition?

According to James Gray (retired Superior Court judge) there are six groups that do.

  1. The Drug Lords
  2. Juvenile Gangs
  3. Law Enforcement
  4. Politicians
  5. Prisons
  6. Terrorists

The drug lords is obvious. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere Mexico’s “El Chapo” made Forbes top billionaire list.

Juvenile gangs are part of the distribution system.  A kid will work a lot cheaper than an adult and won’t face the same penalties as one. A particular nasty aspect of that is who do you think a 15-year-old kid is going to peddle dope too? That’s right. Other kids. They’ll also be recruited into the gang for the “easy money.”

Where do you think your local law enforcement agency gets all of those cool toys to fight the War on Peopl, er, Drugs? Yep. From the Feds. I can’t quote the figures at this point but I do feel comfortable stating the money funneled into local jurisdictions from Uncle is substantial.

Politicians play upon the WoD to get elected. They prey upon parents’ concerns for their children. Elect me and I’ll clean up the schools and neighborhoods. Uh, yeah. Right.

I hear building and operating prisons is good business. (Let me do a quick check) From January 1 to today there have been 577,926 drug arrests. Out of those 273,938 were for cannabis violations. 3,396 have been incarcerated. California’s prison workers union is the largest and most influential in the state.

What? You thought those Afghani poppy farmers were bringing in the big bucks?

Not to muddy this post. As an aside, if you will. I understand there’s a shortage of opiate pain relievers in third world countries. If those poppy plants were purchased by the pharmaceutical companies and processed the bad guys would be SOL, the farmers would make a decent living and the third world availability issue would vanish.

His Honor has concluded that helping to repeal drug prohibition is the best and most lasting gift he could make to his country. He knows that drugs are truly dangerous but, it is the drug money that is turning the disease into a plague.


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