Collateral Damage

Some friends dropped by yesterday to visit. I don’t get out much anymore so I readily welcome visitors- Even if I am a crotchety ol’ sumbitch.  I have regulation horseshoe pits out in the backyard.  I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately, but normally I’m the guy to beat. I’ve had folks describe the backyard setting as a park type sanctuary. I spend the majority of my time back there with my two dogs. It’s a great place to socialize.

The friends I’m writing of are two middle-aged cohabitating women. They are also authorized qualifying patients under Washington’s RCW 69.51a (medicinal cannabis). They have their own cannabis garden, though they struggle with it a little bit. (Too many chefs in the kitchen, I think. Shhh, don’t tell ’em I said that.)

One of the gals is currently using a cane due to a knee problem. She elected to hang out in the living room with my Mrs., while myself and the other went out back for a smoke. ‘Sides, I don’t care for hanging around in the house and my ailment gets after me if I don’t get up and move around. No, I don’t go the movie houses any longer.

Anyway; The conversation came back around to the attempted robbery from last year. The gals had their meager garden going in an outbuilding behind their house. Some punk saw a free buzz and easy money and figured he’d help himself. He botched the robbery, but the damage was done.

My friends were traumatized. Hell, they’re still traumatized. All over a weed that sells for around $300 an ounce on the black-market. And keep in mind, for my friends, it’s medicine. A medicinal herb that elevates their quality of life. In the past they’ve grown a few plants in a little secluded corner of their backyard. Artificial light is artificial light. Nothing works quite like the good old Sun.

That’s out of the question now. The outbuilding is out of the question. These aren’t a couple of shotgun toting grannies. These are only a couple of gals trying to lead a peaceful, healthy (as possible) existence. Sleep was difficult for them in the months that followed the robbery attempt. Any small sound in the night brought fear with it. Their medicinal garden was almost abandoned due to the fear that was associated with it.

These people’s lives were turned upside down because a plant, that is commonly called “weed” because it’ll grow like one if left alone, sells for $300 + an ounce. I can’t begin to express my level of frustration with the current laws that propagate these types of incidents.

I read in the paper the other day that some cat walked into the local Safeway drugstore and stuck a gun in the pharmacists face. He wasn’t after the til. He demanded the Oxycodone.

If on-line gambling was legal I’d wager a dollar the pharmacist lost a few night’s sleep. I’d go further and wager the pharmacist is going to have a hard time doing the job and keeping an eye out for the next addict that’s willing to stick a pistol in her face for a “fix”.

A wide variety of collateral casualties result from the war on drugs. It doesn’t have to be this way. It really doesn’t.


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