Trippy, Man

LSD as a psychotherapy?

I know, you’re thinking Drift’s been into the cough syrup again. Naw. They just don’t make it like they used to… back before 1914 when the active ingredient in Bayer’s cough syrup was heroin. Those must have been the days, Heh.

Hell, I haven’t even gotten started here and I’m already off track. Back to the acid, shrooms and Ecstasy.

You might not be aware that Aldous Huxley (famous writer) was given an injection of LSD while he was on his deathbed. I wasn’t until a short time ago. Yeah, it sounds like a recipe for a bad trip to me too. From the report his wife had given the result was just the opposite. The man was in peace, far from the pain and agony he endured prior to death. Aldous went out trippin’. Brave New World indeed.

The other day I came across an Associated Press article in my local fish wrapper. The title being, Study: psychedelic trips aid cancer patients. A good part of the article is about one Nicky Edlich age 67. Nicky has ovarian cancer. Nicky is going to die. Nicky took a trip, in a clinical setting, to get her head right. Again, it sounds like a set-up for a bad trip, eh?

The sub under the main title, Experience brings clarity and peace, participants say.

An excerpt from the AP story: “The New York University study in which Edlich participated is among a handful in the U.S. and elsewhere with drugs  such as LSD, MDMA (Ecstasy) and psilocybin, the main ingredient in ‘magic mushrooms.’ The work follows research choked off four decades ago by the war on drugs.

Nicky was having anxiety and fear about suffering and dying, and how her death would affect her family. After her experience she related, “It made me more aware of what was so important, and what was making me either sad or depressed. I think it was revelatory.”

The NYU study follows up on a small study at the University of California, Los Angeles; results haven’t been published yet, but it’s said they too are encouraging.

Isn’t it time we did away with the “Schedule I” drug classification?


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