Ballot Initiatives, CA., OR. & WA.

California will vote on legalizing cannabis in November. Signatures are still being gathered in Oregon and Washington.  These are exciting times!

But what if it happens in one or all of these states? How will the federal government respond, and in turn, how will the states react to that response? How would the legalization affect neighboring states?

Back when the feds mandated a nation wide 55 mph speed limit several states balked. The fed’s response was to threaten them with withholding federal transportation dollars. Most states buckled under. Will California, Oregon and Washington be extorted in this same manner? And if so, what will they do?

If cannabis is legalized in these states will the dominoes begin to fall? Will the neighboring states be pressured by their inhabitants to follow suit?

One thing I do know; The People are speaking. Folks have had enough of the farce that’s been perpetrated for nearly 3\4 of a century. 

I’m excited. I hope all hell breaks loose! Hee, hee, snork. Pass the popcorn.


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