Swayed by the Facts

It’s interesting how a bit of research can have a lasting impact on a person’s life. Two people who immediately come to mind are Jack Herer (1939- 2010) and Dr. Lester Grinspoon.

Jack had set out to dig up the dirt on cannabis. He had been influenced by the propoganda the government was spewing. He decided to do his own research in order to form his own negative arguments on the subject. What he learned would change his life. He became a huge proponent of both cannabis and hemp.

After 12 years of recording hemp information the “Hemperor” published the first printing of The Emperor Wears No Clothes (1985). This tome is quite possibly the most comprehensive of anything ever written on the subject. Jack spent the rest of his life educating people with the truths.

Dr. Lester Grinspoon (Associate Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School) is yet another convert. He set out to research the evils of cannabis. And he too came away surprised. So much so that he wrote Marijuana Reconsidered in the 1970s. He has become an advocate of cannabis for both medicinal and recreational use. Yeah, a shrink from Harvard. Who’d’a thunk?

See, that’s why I’m amazed when I read stuff denigrating cannabis (think, “Letters to the Editor”). I mean, in this day and age where a wealth of knowledge is only a few mouse clicks away the ignorance is inexcusable. Can it truly be a result of ignorance or is there a covert agenda? I don’t know. On that subject I suppose I am ignorant.

As of this writing there have been 299,177 people arrested for cannabis, in the United States, since January 1.


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