Dox in’a Box (a bit of a rant)

When the medicinal cannabis thing started gaining ground the DEA started threatening physicians. If they were found to have recommended cannabis then their prescriptive abilities would be yanked. I believe there has been some sort of ruling about the physician patient relationship that’s crippled that attack. I could be wrong. This is a rant. I don’t need to produce facts.

Many Docs are still ignorant of the benefits of cannabis. Some are still under the influence of the whole reefer madness crap. That’s a bummer. Myself, I would expect more from a physician. Oh well.

While a patient in a pain clinic I provided a research paper on the efficacy of cannabis in the treatment of pain to the doc. It was a very well done study. The scientific method and all’a that. She, the anesthesiologist, lowered her spectacles down her nose and stated, “I’m not going there.” As her response was somewhat as if I had just spit on her shoe, I let it go and proceeded to have a lumbar disc cooked off with micro waves.

Any individual that uses the Veterans Administration as their primary care is screwed. Though the Feds admit cannabis has medicinal value (see the patent and remember the few patients that still receive a tin of G-13 from Mississippi every month) a VA doc is not about to recommend cannabis.

A whole new industry was spawned. Docs in a box.

These are doctors who’ve, for whatever reason have, decided they’ll write all the damned cannabis recommendations they want to, under the law. They are “contracted” to a “clinic.” There are several notable ones here in Washington State.

As is typical in the primary care way of things patients have to see the doc once a year to update, etc. and receive the next year’s recommendation. that’s $180.00 a year to maintain an affirmative defense in the event of an arrest.

I’ve been an authorized qualifying patient for three years now. It’ll be just short of three when my last paperwork expires. I called my docs in a box clinic and asked when the next “clinic” in my area would be held. She says May is full. That’s a problem for me. She says they may decide to add another.  May? I’m going to bet my affirmative defense against a may ? No way Jose.

I called another outfit I had done business with in the past. Me and my chart notes are still on file. I have film reports to bring for an update. I’m not going to turn into a pumpkin.

This sucks.

I dislike these businesses and yet I must depend on them to mitigate a jail sentence for medicating with cannabis. Is the end to this madness near? Please, please, let it be near.


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