Medicinal Cannabis in D.C.?!


This would be a biggie, folks.

By unanimous vote the D.C. Council has approved the amendments to a medical cannabis law that was first passed in 1998. The District of Columbia works a bit differently than the rest of the country. Any bills approved by the Council must then go to Congress. Congress had blocked Initiative 59 (passed by 69% of the voters). The ban was lifted this year.

Do you have any idea what it will mean if the United States Congress passes this law? The ramifications are huge! I’m not sure if the lifting of the ban was a procedural thing or if the tide is turning. After Mayor Fenty signs off Congress will have 30 days for review before the bill becomes law.

The D.C. set-up will follow that of New Jersey. Growing will be prohibited. The medicine will be dispensed from approved facilities.

Man, I’ve got my fingers, toes and eyes crossed. HUGE! I’m tellin’ ya’! Now about those stinkin’ corporate lobbyist… A fly in the ointment fer’ sure.


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