A Quick Note on Cannabis Legalization

I just read an article where it’s stated some folks in California believe cannabis legalization will infuse 1.4 billion dollars into the state coffers. If that number is based upon the current estimated black market sales then I don’t believe it to be a real number. Consider the following –

The price of cannabis will need to be well below the current pricing or the effect on the black market will be nil. I’m wondering if that has been considered in the math that produced the above figure. After all, part of the incentive to legalize is to cripple the BM; at least in my mind.

The only reason cannabis sells for $300 plus an ounce is due to the risks involved in the trade. I haven’t a clue what that means as far as “mark up” but, I know that price is well above cost. What will the price be, including tax? Who’s to decide? What will that decision be based upon? I dunno.

Don’t misunderstand, I’m all for it (obviously)! I just think the numbers being batted around ought to be realistic.

Oh, and to wander off track, cuz’ I like too –

If the voters in CA., OR. and WA. pass cannabis legalization do you think the neighboring states will have check points on all of the highways leading into them? Check points with dogs? Seriously. Think about it.


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