I Simply Don’t Understand

There are times that I find myself confused in this whole thing. The whole thing, being, mostly, the cannabis prohibition. Oh, I’m all for the total end to the current prohibition of schedule I drugs. All schedule I drugs. If you look you’ll see that L.E.A.P. is the only link I offer (look to the left).  I have quibbles with some of the other “main stream” organizations. L.E.A.P. appears straight-up. I figure the leap was made when I realized their view makes perfectly good sense. I have drunk deeply the LEAP cool aid.

This is confusion about Cannabis Sativa Linnaeus. Sub species Sativa and Indica (or some say). Fourteen states currently allow medicinal cannabis use. “Allow” is what I wrote. Allow, because though the people of these states have recognized the medicinal benefits of cannabis. They can’t vote to make it legal (or maybe they can? see below). The best they can do is acknowledging a “medicinal need” as an affirmative defense to prosecution.

More than several states have passed legislation to allow their farmers to grow one of the most versatile (“versatile,” like you can build a house with it and\or eat it and\or run your generator with it) plants on the planet.  The fields aren’t there.

Many states have “decriminalized” cannabis possession. It’s the work around to outright legalization; that pesky schedule I thing being a stumbling block to one’s personal freedoms.

In the article I read about the possibility of medicinal cannabis being allowed in D.C. the reporter mentioned  a couple of chess players, in the park, passing a joint.

The Hemp Fest is held in Seattle Washington annually. I’ve heard it’s the largest hemp festival in North America (or something like that. I don’t recall. It’s BIG). I’ve never attended, but I hear the sweet aroma of cannabis is thick.

Seattle has relegated cannabis possession to the bottom of the list for law enforcement.

In November the citizens of California will vote on cannabis legalization. Oregon and Washington are in the process of obtaining signatures to offer their citizens the same option- obviously thumbing their noses at the Feds (Yea!).

In Tyler, Texas, last month, a man was sentenced to a 35 year prison term for possession of just over four ounces of cannabis. THIRTY-FIVE YEARS! The prosecutor wanted 99 years. He wished to set a precedence.

Confusion? This morning I’m bordering on rage.


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