Marijuana Moms

It doesn’t appear the Columbian news paper is going to publish my latest, most enlightening, “Letter to the Editor.” It was 200 words on the button and I waiting the required 30 days from my last offering. Then again, I suppose it could still be in the queue. Rest assured if it does show I’ll provide it here.

I did come across an interesting article though. Serra Frank, a 27- year-old mother of two in Boise, Idaho, has founded Moms4Marijuana. Yeah, I know… that damned “M” word again but, what am I gona’ do. It’s the name. Here’s the link –


It would be very cool if this caught on. In Dr. Lester Grinspoon’s opinion cannabis users, even recreational users, should “come out of the closet.” He says it would alleviate the stereotype of the typical pothead. Some folks might be surprised to learn their succesful neighbor fires one up every night. Moms4marijuana might assist in this vein.

Also, we all know what effect MADD has had on the drunk driving laws in this country. You get a bunch of moms together you may well have a very powerful political force. I wish them success in their efforts.


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