The Poppy Trade

I watched a segment of a program hosted by Alex Jones the other day (I think that’s his name). He was carrying on about the troops in Afghanistan being ordered to leave the poppy fields alone. It’s those farmer’s livelihood. With some folks when you get in the middle of what’s putting food on their family’s table they’ll shoot at you or blow your ass up. 

It doesn’t make a lot of sense because the farmers are turning around and selling the crops to the people who are trying to shoot and blow the troop’s asses up anyway. Maybe I’m a little dense?

The last several days, that program and something I had heard somewhere else, have been rolling around in my head. I do believe it’s all finally meshed. It goes like this;

We buy the opium. Okay, it would need to be through a third-party. Lets say a contractor. Isn’t that the way this kind of thing is done? The contractor offers a better price than the bad guys do. I’m guessing it wouldn’t be tough to beat what they pay the poppy farmers. Oh sure, there would be a few reprisals. But now the farmers are shooting at and trying to blow up the guys that are shooting at and trying to blow us up. Our pricing puts two chickens in every pot. Heh.

So what does the contactor do with the product? They peddle it to the pharmaceutical outfits at a good price. The pharms turn around and turn it into opiate based pain killers. The pharms then, in turn, sell those products to “humanitarian type” outfits that disperse the drugs in third world countries that are sorely lacking them. The pharms would give them a good price for quantity plus they would want to ensure they were dumped away from “industrialised” countries thus protecting their market.

The farmers win, a few companies make a buck or two and impoverished nations can now palliatively treat pain. The bad guys are left holding an empty Russian rifle.

Yeah, I know. It couldn’t be that easy.


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