From The Associated Press

I’ll prime you with a few numbers and then offer a link to the entire AP analysis. The numbers spent over the last 40 years are mind-boggling!

  • Nixon’s first drug-fighting budget was 100 million dollars. Now it’s 15.1 billion.
  • 20 billion has been spent to fight cartels in their own countries.
  • 33 billion in marketing, “Just say no.”
  • 49 billion for coppers along the southern border.
  • 121 billion to arrest 37 million drug offenders. About  10 million of those arrests have been for cannabis (side note: on average there is a drug arrest every 18 seconds in this country)
  • 450 billion to lock up drug offenders in federal prisons. Last year half of all federal prisoners were serving time for drugs.

What has that gotten us? Here’s the link to the entire article:

AP Analysis


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