I had a tooth pulled yesterday. Don’t ya’ just hate that?! Yes, it’s much, much better today. Thank you.  The doc said there might have been a bit of infection so he prescribed an antibiotic. A trip to the pharmacy got me to thinking about drugstores back in the days of alcohol prohibition. Yeah, I’m kinda weird like that.

You see, though alcohol had been outlawed for general use, under the Volstead Act it could be prescribed by MDs, dentists and even veterinarians. There were docs who were happy to write a script for around three bucks (about $40.00 in today’s money) and the pharmacist would fill it for about the same.

There were liquor establishments that closed one day and opened the next as a pharmacy. In some cases a drugstore’s clientage would determine what brands of “medicine” were kept on hand. The Walgreen family claims their great expansion at the time was due to their invention of the milkshake. Yeah, that sounds a bit shaky to me too.

And as we all know, the gangsters got into the action as well. There were bloody battles between gangs in the streets. The coppers and the hoodlums exchanged gunfire. The “bosses” became millionaires… Does any of this sound familiar?

When prohibition ended in ’33 regulation and taxation came with legalization. It’s been estimated that taxation was worth four billion in the first year (today’s money).

History doesn’t repeat itself. People just keep making the same old mistakes, that’s all. I do believe I feel well enough to put my hot tub back together today. Man, I should have replaced those bearings when I had it apart the first time.


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