Earlier This Month In Missouri

I’m sure most of you are already aware of this. It’s all over the intertubes, complete with video. I’m struggling for an entry today so I figured I’d go ahead and comment on this travesty. Not to beat a dead dog, err, horse, I mean.

So, the coppers in Missouri go to serve a narcotics warrant on a home. They beat on the door yelling (paraphrase), “It’s the police. We have a warrant. Open up!” There’s no immediate response so the coppers do what coppers do in these instances; break the door in. Upon entry they encounter a pit bull dog.  Apparently the dog was doing its job because an officer decided it would be best to shoot and kill the animal. A Corgi took a bullet too. You know how vicious those Corgis can be.

The human occupants of the home were a father, mother and 7-year-old boy. The mother and son were herded to the entryway while the father got cuffed and hauled off. He was arrested on suspicion of possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana and second-degree child endangerment. The paraphernalia was a pipe and a grinder. The big haul of cannabis was a gram or two. What’s up with the “child endangerment?”

They bust in, shoot up the dogs and charge the suspect with child endangerment?! How the hell does that work?! Does pepper spray or a tazer work on a dog? Maybe the police simply believe it’s more expedient to just kill them. Like they are accepted casualties in these types of arrest? Like the SOP is a quick knock with a yell, bust in the door, shoot the dogs, yell at everyone to get down – don’t move…

I wonder what that kid thinks of the police today. You know damn well those dogs were that kid’s best friends. It’s that way with young boys and dogs.

I hear the dad copped a plea and ended up with a $300.00 fine. Let’s see, one broken door, one dead and one injured dog, and a traumatized child… All to invade a man’s home and make the BIG bust.

I’ve got a couple of questions for you. I’m not really familiar with police work, serving warrants, etc. Maybe someone can help me out.

What is the big hurry in these types of warrants? Couldn’t the police surround the house preventing anyone from leaving without being seen? Is the worry that evidence could be flushed down the toilet?

I don’t know about your sewer system but the main on this street runs down to a vault under a manhole. The city gets in there and snakes the line frequently. Anything going down the toilet will pass that point.

Are they worried about weapons? In my opinion a person stands a better chance of getting shot invading a home while screaming. Just because they are yelling, “Police!” doesn’t mean squat. That’s a ruse commonly used in home invasion robberies.

What’s wrong with securing the exterior of the home, making a phone call explaining that a warrant is being served and requesting the occupants to come out, one at a time, and then searching the premises? Hell, I’d bet the dad would have done something with the dog and even told them where the big stash (yeah, right) was.

Not enough adrenaline?

That poor kid. I’m sure he got quite enough.


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