Siege as a Component of War

It looks like Marc Emery took the wrong tact in his extradition to the U.S. You’re hip to Marc’s plight, right? He’s the Canadian cannabis seed peddler that’s appearing in U.S. Federal Court today. The estimate is Marc has sold four million, or so, seeds world-wide. We (the U.S. “we”) charged him with drug distribution. Mr. Emery copped a plea and is expected to be sentenced to five years.  He’ll then go back to Canada to do his time. Trippy, huh? You think we (same “we”) will then pay Canada for his incarceration costs?

Oh, and as a side note: Marc commented to his wife, from jail, that the vast majority of his fellow inmates were arrested for some type of drug violation. If’n I wanted to get all philosophical, I might wonder if all of humanity wasn’t paying for those incarcerations. I’m not gona’ do that though. 

What the hell does that have to do with a “siege” you are undoubtedly wondering. You know I’ll get there eventually.

“We” are attempting to extradite another cat down in Kingston, Jamaica, mon. This indictment isn’t going quite as smooth as poor ol’ Marc’s. The cat’s name is Christopher “Dudus” Coke (c’mon with a last name of Coke what’s the “Dudus” all about?).

For starters he has friends in high places, like, uh, Prime Minister Bruce Golding. Golding has been attempting to stave off the indictment. Golding’s claim is (was) the evidence was obtained illegally. Golding caved in when the U.S. started a bunch of sword rattling.

So now Coke’s friends in low places have come to his rescue. His buddies have barricaded Coke’s neighborhood. Police stations have come under gunfire and been fire bombed. It’s mayhem. A state of public emergency has been declared in the Kingston and St. Andrew parishes. The U.S., Canada and Britain have issued travel alerts. 

Kingston, Jamaica is both under siege and preparing  to siege. All in an effort to drag some drug peddler back here and incarcerate him for the rest of his life.

We (us “we” you and me, this time) know how to make this violence stop *snap* just like that. Don’t we. (statement – not question)


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