THCV (another ramble)

A side benefit of attempting to maintain this blog, to actively post, is my own education. I try to get something put up here daily. There are days when I’m not motivated. There are others where I’m motivated but, for the life of me, I can’t come up with something to write about. This will be my 54th post in a month. I suppose you could call that verging on prolific. I suppose.

Yesterday, in my quest to garner new information, I was cruising through an old copy of West Coast Leaf  and saw a reference to a cannabinoid I wasn’t familiar with; tetrahydrocannabivarin or THCV. As is the way with an education, mine anyway, the information can be confusing at times. THCV is giving me one of those times.

There are over 60 (66?) cannabinoids found, to date, in the plant. I’m hip to THC, CBD, CBN, the most commonly discussed compounds. Oh hey, while I’m here – Did you know CBN is degraded THC? No, I’m not getting off track. This thing was off of the rails before I entered the post title. Okay, back to THCV.

For one thing, some of what I’ve read states that THCV is a psychoactive cannabinoid and other sources say it’s a CB1 receptor antagonist. Those are contrary statements. To compound (heh) the issue THCV is not found in all cannabis plants. It’s found primarily in African and Asian plants.

Nonetheless, the pharmaceutical companies and others of varying interest have isolated this compound, as they have other cannabinoids produced by the plant. It appears the goals are two-pronged; isolate the beneficial portion of the plant while mitigating the unwanted psychoactive side effect.* For instance Cannabidiol (CBD) is showing great promise in the treatment of breast cancer. Heaven forbid a buzz should accompany the cure.

Research supported by NIDA (of all organizations**) has given evidence that THCV too may well have a medicinal property. I’m no biology professor so I don’t have the tools to completely understand the interaction with various people parts. And to add a bit more mud to the water research is giving evidence that cannabinoids interact with human biology beyond the CB1 and CB2 receptors. Gaaawd, I’m getting in deep. Someone throw me a life vest, will ya’?

Seizures and obesity. (You were wondering when I’d get to it, huh?) THCV appears to hook up at the CB1 receptors and has shown to exert antiepileptiform and anticonvulsant properties. Pretty cool. Don’t ya’ think? Another effect THCV has is suppressing the appetite. There’s work going on there too as an obesity treatment.

This plant seems to be full of contradictions. All of them working together in concert. In the whole plant, anyways.

I’ve got a little breeding program going. I crossbred a couple of plants last year. I have the filial ones (F1= 1st generation) growing this. I plan to cross those back at least once again. I have no idea what my goal is. I’m just playing. I don’t get out much. It’s something to occupy a few moments of my time. For some reason, though, this morning I feel somewhat like a kid playing with a chemistry set. In this particular case, it appears the chemistry could well be mine!

*I can see why the psychoactive effect would not be desirable in some cases. Still, for some reason it chaps my ass when people talk of getting “stoned” like it was a bad thing.

**I can’t help but wonder how much research has been done by the government, on our two-bits, and hasn’t been publically released. Hmmm, I’ll work on both of those. Me thinks I’ve a Prohibition rant brewing for the morrow.


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