The Law and the Will of the People

I’m going to tie a couple of posts together here. In the category Medicinal Cannabis I have a post about the supposed ambiguity in Washington State’s medicinal cannabis laws. In this category, Prohibition, I’ve mentioned the Washington Initiative 1068. An initiative that would give this state’s citizens the opportunity to vote on outright cannabis legalization in November.

During the bust of the Tacoma “dispensary” things were confiscated. That’s rather typical. No surprise there. What isn’t typical (I would hope not anyway) was the confiscation of a number of signed 1068 initiatives. Theses signing sheets are obvious. There’s no way they could be mistaken for a grower’s list or other tangible property the county would have interest in as evidence. Because I try to keep an open mind let’s say, even still, it was an oops. Maybe the coppers swept everything off of the counter into boxes or bags. I dunno.

How many petition sheets were there? According to Sensible Washington, the initiative’s sponsor, there’s a discrepancy in what the “dispensary” operators and the Sheriffs Department count. The operators claim there was ten signed sheets. The coppers say they took two. Again, I dunno. I wasn’t there, man.

I suppose if a person was into conspiracy theories they might say that the police are actually making a feeble attempt (8 sheets out of how many total?) to undermine the people’s will. The signatures on those sheets express exactly that. The coppers hadn’t any business taking them in the first place. Okay, so I’ve already given them a pass on that. Let’s say I’m feeling terribly generous this morning and I say the true number of initiatives was two. I’m such a nice guy, eh?

The police have stated the intend to return those documents to Sensible Washington. That’s only right. Right?

The police made copies of the two sheets they say they possess.No more Mr. Nice Guy. That didn’t last long, did it? Man, I really hate to wonder off into the conspiracy la, la, land but, what motive could they possibly have? Those sheets of paper are legal documents. Those sheets of paper represent the view of every individual that signed them. The police now know who those individuals are. Those individuals know the coppers know who they are.

In my view the intent of the police is nothing more than intimidation. The police in that county are attempting to circumvent this state’s constitution. Plain and simple. If it walks like a duck; quacks like a duck…

Oh sure, the police have said they’ll destroy the copies: After the request goes through all of the proper channels and is approved. It’s too late.  This is yet another example on how this damned War on Drugs corrupts law enforcement. This is yet another example of why many of the people in this country have lost their respect for law enforcement.

When the police act beyond the law then they are nothing more than criminals themselves. Where does that leave us?

I look forward to voting on I-1068 in November.


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