Cannabis Disassembly

First off I want to mention a sentence from a previous post. I was writing about a cannabinoid being used as a treatment for cancer. The smartass in me prompted me to write, “Heaven forbid a buzz should accompany the cure.” I shouldn’t have. I’m not going to edit it out. I’m going to write about it both here and in Prohibition.

There’s a lot of good research currently being done on the medicinal aspects of the various cannabinoid compounds.  I’ve written of THC, CBD, THCV… there’s 63 (give or take) more in the plant. This is good stuff. Exciting, actually. Wouldn’t it be great if a cannabinoid was discovered to be the silver bullet for an ailment currently plaguing humanity? A silver bullet without any side effects, including a buzz.

I take several drugs in an effort to minimize my symptoms. The one that affects my mind the most is Vicodin. I can only take small doses over the period of a day or I suffer from some nasty side effects. Even with those small doses my mental acuity goes into the crapper. This effect is why I seldom operate I motor vehicle.  I would love to have a palliative treatment available that would leave my mind clear. Let’s be honest here, I can get loaded any time I care to, whether it be on prescribed medicines, cannabis or alcohol. The brain scramble on the Vikes is not a happy compromise to its medical application. 

The pharmaceutical and other interested laboratories are taking the plant apart compound by compound. Heh, a line from an old Alice Cooper tune just popped into my head, “Rats in battalions were ruling the street scene…” There are a lot rats out there right now, full of various administered cannabinoids.

In a sense I feel we are witnessing the unveiling of an era. An era of medicinal cannabis enlightenment. Our ancestors knew of the plants efficacy as a medicine long, long ago. Today we have science to take us onto the next step; medicinal cannabinoids. It’s my belief these compounds will open up a whole new line of treatment for maladies we have been battling for ages.

Medicinal cannabis. Medicinal cannabinoids. One of these is not necessarily like the other. I’m going to leave that sentence, “Heaven forbid a buzz…,”  To remind myself of that.


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