Late Breaking News!

Judge Greg Mathis states he’s okay with medicinal cannabis!

Oh c’mon! I can’t have a little fun? For those that aren’t aware “Judge Greg Mathis” is a reality show. His honor acts as a mediator in a simulated court setting. He has the authority to award small monetary amounts. Surely you’ve heard of Judge Judy? Same-same. No, I don’t watch that type of programing. I don’t watch much programing a’tall. I was walking through the room and I overheard.

And it got me to thinking…

What’s wrong with altering your consciousness for short periods of time? (I question if time really exists. An article in Scientific American explains the question much better than I can and this blog isn’t about spacetime). Where was I? (That question was a physics joke. I’m killing me here. Meow?).

People have been getting loaded since there was people. Birds get loaded. Monkeys get loaded. Granted, loaded elephants rampaging through a village can be a bummer. Sorta like a few of my acquaintances when they get drunk. There isn’t always a happy ending, but the fact remains that mammals like to catch a buzz from time to time. It’s built-in there somewhere.

Oh sure, I know folks that have never puffed a joint or taken a drink of booze or whatever. In my experience these people are  in the minority. The lady that likes a snifter as she’s reading the day’s paper; she’s altering her consciousness. The gentleman that sips a glass of wine while making dinner; altering his consciousness. Make no mistake.

So a person imbibes in a few cannabinoid compounds and that makes them a criminal?

And another thing, dammit! I do wish the anti-prohibitionist would stop comparing cannabis legalization to alcohol and tobacco. Apples and oranges, man. Apples and oranges… Both of those drugs have imbedded themselves into society, killers though they may be. Psychoactive cannabis is rather benign and has been unjustly stigmatized. These three items are nowhere near comparable. In my mind the former two being legal has no reference to the latter. You know what I mean?

Those villagers dealing with drunk elephants? If they were smart they’d lay a few chunks of hash at the bottom of the fermented fruit trees. See, then the elephants would do a bit of both, get a gnarly case of the spins, and be off looking for a place to puke rather than tearing up peoples’ homes and gardens.

And now your wishing you could get back the two minutes it took to read this post. It’s okay. Time is merely an illusion.


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