Study: Mexico drug cartels avoid banks

No, man, I’m serious. This isn’t like the judge Mathis gag I posted earlier. This article appears in today’s paper. I almost find it humorous. Almost.

The article goes on about how the 19 to 29 billion dollars funneled out of this country annually isn’t deposited in banks. No shit, Sherlock? It mentions that the drug lords pay cash for their purchases. Wow, another revelation!

“Until now, we didn’t know enough about this problem in the U.S. or Mexico,” says the U.S. Customs and Enforcement Assistant Secretary John Morton. “Simply arresting people won’t be a complete solution. We have to undermine the organizations and businesses, we have to identify, seize and forfeit their profits.”

In my opinion this man should be fired. He is glaringly incompetent.

The article doesn’t state how much this revealing study cost the U.S. taxpayer. If it wasn’t Mr. Morton that authorized it then whomever it was need be canned too. …parasites sucking off of the War on Drugs easy money. At times my disgust is so overwhelming it almost becomes a physical entity. There’s a stench associated with it. It smells like crap. I need to go take a shower.


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