I’m not sure how much of what I’m about to write is repetitive. Today’s one of those funk days and I’ve not the poop to go back and read what I’ve already written. I suppose that’s a bit narcissistic. I mean, I don’t want’a read it but I want you to… Maybe narcissistic isn’t the right word. I don’t care.

Today’s one of those days. We’ve had rain for like 20 of ’em in a row. My malady’s been getting after me. The Ol’ Lady’s cat didn’t come home this morning. We just spent a butt load of money to have that friggin cat’s left eye removed. If the bastard has now gone out there and got his self croaked it’s really gona piss me off.

Perhaps it’s my melancholy that brings me around to the subject at hand; The pharmaceuticals are going to take over medicinal cannabis. I’m not really sure that bums me out, which in turn bums me out. Yeah, one’a those days.

But you see, that’s really the way it’s gota be. Smoking a joint isn’t going to cure someone’s breast cancer. A cannabinoid therapy is looking promising though. I don’t know about you but when I look at harvested cannabis trichomes I see kief. I don’t see cannabinoid compounds. I have a magnifying device. I still can’t see the parts and pieces contained therein.

The science is going to prove what we’ve known all along. The science is going to give us innovative medicines. Pharmaceutical companies are going to provide the science and the trials. Not me. Not you.

I’ve most likely alluded that I believe the big pharms have been one, of a number of, corporations that have stood in the way of cannabis legalization. It may prove interesting on how this will play out. There are a number of smaller outfits that are marketing cannabinoid medicines- I’ve left out the synthetic manufacturers:

  • Cannasat therapeutics is Canadian. They are currently developing cannabinoid products for the relief of neuropathic pain, chronic pain, depression, anxiety and movement disorders.
  • GW Pharmaceuticals I’ve mentioned before. Their product Sativex has been big news. They are working on other whole plant cannabinoid treatments for a host of afflictions.
  • There are at least three other outfits out there that are producing synthetic cannabinoids.

Oh, and by the way, those are only the corporations with publically traded stock. I noticed GW dropped a couple of points yesterday afternoon.

This is the way it must be. The only way it can be for the compounds in the plant to be exploited (exploited? freudian?) to the most extent possible. Don’t misunderstand, I’m not saying that medicinal cannabis gardens are some sort of sham! No, no, nothing of the sort! We’ve read of specific strains of whole cannabis having wonderful results in patients with debilitating illnesses.

When the prohibition ends it’ll be a moot topic. Folks will be growing cannabis right beside their tomatoes and squash. No one will give it a second thought. Us old medheads will be a relic though; kind’a like people who make tea from weeds and eat funguses and stuff.

The small outfits will eventually be bought out by the big outfits. The same big outfits that stood in the way of the research in the first place. The work will of already been done for them, despite their best efforts to prevent it. They will make a bundle. And maybe, just maybe, we will discover that cannabinoids are the best damned thing since skimmed milk. Maybe.

Sonsofabitch! That damned one-eyed Jack just showed up! The cat’s alive! The Ol’ Lady is gona be sooo  jazzed! Okay,… I’m good with it too. The rain seems to have taken a break as well. I’ll go pick up the dog poo and whistle at the song sparrow. It pisses him off. I don’t know why, but I find great joy in that. Ah crap, now that’s bummin’ me out.  …one’a them days…


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