I-1068 in Washington State

I’m bummed, man.

It’s not so much that there’s a likelihood enough signatures won’t be gathered in order to make the November ballot. Oh sure, I had high hopes. Hell, I suppose there still is hope. It’s the political back-biting that’s going on in the face of a possible failure. It’s shaming in my opinion. Down right shaming. Now, I don’t do politics. I’m thinking this whole prohibition thing spans all affiliations. It’s like math; 2 + 2 = 4. It matters not your lean, err, or, whatever.

Signature gatherers are finding people are hesitant to sign because they fear repercussions. The coppers held, and copied, some of the signature sheets from a raid. There was some sort of stink about initiative signatures being public domain. That resulted from a gay\lesbian initiative here a while back.

People in this state appear to be afraid to have their voice heard. That ought’a scare the crap out of you. Even if you don’t live here.

The principles involved in the initiative didn’t get the “big boy” support they had anticipated. This prompted one of the principles to bad mouth the afore not really mentioned organizations. To the point of using profanity and name calling. Poor form, man. Terribly bad form. shaming…

Some of the outspoken medicinal cannabis activists are claiming that the principles have association with organizations that are attempting to create a monopoly on medicinal cannabis sales in this state (I need to take a breath) and that the initiative was never meant to make it to the November ballot (whew).  Yes, that doesn’t make a lick of sense to me either (scratching my noggin. Catching another breath).

Rats leaving a sinking ship? Hell, these rats are cannibalistic in their abandonment. In light of recent developments I don’t know that Washington D.C., the DEA or the Washington State Legislature have any worry about how they are going to deal with Washington’s citizens electing to legalize cannabis.

Okay, I’m getting all maudlin. Sorta. I’ll stop. Sorta.

There are several good aspects to glean here. California is going to the ballot with their legalization initiative. If it passes we’ll have the opportunity to see what tactics the Feds use in retaliation. In my opinion the whole West Coast has put the DEA on notice. Legalization is going to happen. The United States Government will have to decide if it’s going to go to ‘war’ with law-abiding citizens.

The real troopers in this thing have been the volunteer signature gatherers. These folks have been standing out in front of the stores. They’ve been attending commercial events. They’ve been providing petitions for conspicuous locations. They’ve been busting their butts. Win or lose these people have been the soldiers in this fight. Make no mistake. There’s no shame to be had there.

My crystal ball keeps flashing twelve o’clock. I haven’t a clue how this is going to turn out. I suppose we’ll know in a few weeks. I haven’t totally given up hope. Not totally.


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