And More Money

I wrote here a while back about the cat down in Jamaica whom the States was attempting to extradite. The authorities laid siege to a barricaded neighborhood that the suspect was believed to be residing in.  After the body count made fifty they learned their rooster had flown the coup. That’s the last I’ve heard, anyway. After that announcement I haven’t seen any other press releases on the subject. Did they ever find Coke? (that’s his name. no joke)

In yesterday’s paper I saw a little article from the News Services. No, nothing about Coke (the man), but about all of the drug associated violence that’s going on in the Caribbean. Something must be done!

So Hillary took a jaunt down to the islands to unveil the $124 million Caribbean Basin Security Initiative. That’ll teach those drug peddling bastards to screw with the States, now won’t it?!

Sorry. I’ve a tendency to result to sarcasm when actually I find myself speechless. When I really, really, don’t know what to say…


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