Your Synapses’ on Cannabis

Man, I got’a show you this! This coloring book visual will make the title of the paper I referenced in the preceeding post perfectly clear. I was having a bit of trouble with the antagonist and agonist thing and this fixed that for me. It didn’t make sense to me how THC could be an agonist and yet slow the neurotransmitter release. It’s an agonist because it does. Yeah, that may seem simple now but if you were stuck on the idea that an agonist would assist in that release…

Oh, and I know I’ve referenced GW Pharmaceuticals before. This link will take you to a GWP page. Know that I have no financial interest in GWP. Okay, I have interest I have no financial.

Mechanism of Action

Pretty cool, huh? Today I learned a new word too; phytocannabinoids. I like it. I’m going to use it. A lot. Am I getting to heavy? Alright, maybe tomorrow I’ll write about phytocannabinoids’ effect on serotonin levels and how that can help to relieve some forms of sleep apnea.


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