Mexico… Again… Still… Some More…

19 people were gunned down at a rehab clinic. 16 bodies were found dumped in a northern city. 12 cops were killed in an ambush. Soldiers killed 15 gangsters just outside of a tourist town… All in seven days.

Schools have closed early in the state of Nayarit because 30 people there were gunned down over the weekend. The killing in Ciudad Juarez continues.

Mexico’s President Filipe Caldron attributes the violence to the government’s efforts to eradicate the drug cartels. From the Associated Press article I gleaned this from it appears he believes these are accepted casualties. Apparently he doesn’t believe the hit the tourist trade is taking is acceptable. His answer to that issue is to hire a public relations firm to down-play the tortured, dumped bodies one might stumble upon from time to time.

Man, I’m not making this up. I truly wish I was. This is insanity in the extreme. Again, I find myself speechless.


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