“This isn’t about catching people. This is about making the workplace safe. When you have a good lab, you have good people supporting you and your intentions are pure, drug testing is a good thing” Quoted from Kirt Haneberg who manages the Construction Industry Drug-Free Workplace Program.

The article is from the Oregonian news paper titled, Fake urine a growing concern for metro-area drug screeners.

I’m not going to go off on a tirade about a lucrative industry feeding off of the War on Drugs’ hind tit. Though it’s tempting.

You know I’m opposed to any kind of drug testing. There are other ways to test a person to see if they are impaired. Urine testing, howsomeohever, is biased. And in my opinion in the wrong direction. I could do a big ol’ hit of meth this morning and pee “clean” in a couple of days. Hell, I could do meth everyday and pee clean in a few days. Smoke cannabis recreationally (or medicinally) for a few days and it could take a month or more for the urine to be clean.

With that in mind, urine tests are obviously biased against cannabis users. Again, in my opinion, this is contrary to workplace safety. I know this from hands on experience. I’m retired as the Safety Director for a small industrial firm. It was the meth heads and heroin junkies that committed theft. It was the same that put other people at risk on the job site.

Yet, when a field job would come up and the customer required drug screening as part of the contract, it would be these same individuals that would wind up doing the work. The recreational cannabis users couldn’t pass the UA.

“…drug testing is a beautiful thing.”

I suppose it’s true, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”


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