It’s For the Children

My aching ass. It’s about a woman scorned and a broken court system. …taking a man’s children from him because he hits the pipe a few times a day. Medicinally, I might add.

That’s what’s happened to several folks here in the Great State of Washington. Case in point; one Nicholas Pouch.

So Nick got into a bit of a custody battle with his ex; she called the coppers on him over his medicinal cannabis use. Now he sees his kids twice a month, under supervision, at a “neutral” location. He isn’t allowed to have the children at his 20 acre farm. His ex-wife has full custody due to his medicinal cannabis use.

Now, this is a man who takes a couple of pulls off of his pipe a few times today to treat a painful shoulder injury and carpal tunnel. This is a man who has his own glass blowing shop. This is a man who farms 20 acres selling the produce at several farmer’s markets. He’s a member of the local Chamber of Commerce. This is a responsable man. This is a father that has lost his children because of the stigma related to cannabis. This is a man who has spent $35,000 in an attempt to regain his two sons and daughter. This is a man suffering a terrible, terrible injustice.

In another case a medical marijuana patient was granted only supervised visits with his two young daughters. The judge in the case stated,” The court cannot countenance a situation where a person is using marijuana, is under the influence of marijuana, and is caring for children.”

This is absurd!

So let’s see, in the state of Washington a person, given the qualifying conditions, may use cannabis as a treatment for their malady providing they aren’t a parent? Huh. Try as I may, I can’t seem to be able to find that provision in RCW 69.51a.

Hmm, in 2004 it was estimated that 12.5% of the population had used cannabis the previous year. The 2000 census estimated there were 35 million (I hope I got that right) “traditional” families in the United States. Uh, I just did the math and just by happenstance 12.5% of the year 2000 population works out to 35 million also. I guess I’m kinda getting lost in the numbers but what I’m attempting to infer is the possible number (some number) of parents that could be judged as incompetent due to their cannabis use.

We’d better start building orphanages right along beside the prisons.

Now don’t get me wrong, some cat stoned out of his gourd 24\7 has no business raising children. The same can be said for alcohol, prescription drugs, etc., etc. Some folks have no business parenting period. But to take a man’s children from him because of a light medicinal use of cannabis? No. That is not in the best interest of his children.

At least Michigan and Maine have it right. Their medicinal cannabis laws states that it’s use is not grounds for the loss of custody or visitation rights unless the patient’s actions endanger the child.

Pouch asks, ” Why aren’t they here, chasing snakes like they like to do?”

It beats the hell out’a me, Pouch… beats the hell out’a me.


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