Mexico is Hosed

The cartels aren’t just bribing political officials, they are also killing candidates running for office.  Well, why not, eh? I mean, they fund a tenth of the economy… it’s like they own the place, right?

Rodolfo Torre, the murdered gubernatorial candidate, obviously didn’t fit a cartel’s business plan. Problem solved. Rumor has it that the former mayor of Cancun was protecting two cartels. Maybe he was merely insuring a cheap supply of cocaine for the tourists?

The drug peddlers have attacked military bases. They have infiltrated the police forces and the government. They own the joint, man. After the killing a headline in Reforma, the national newspaper reads, “Organized crime has voted.” An editorial comment in the same paper reads, “What’s the point of having elections when a de facto power is imposing its will over the will of the citizens?”

Mexico is owned by violent entrepreneurs. These are multibillion dollar businesses that own their own country. I’m hoping that scares the crap out of you. I surely am. Here’s something else to think about; What is the U.S. Government going to do when it comes to the realization that Mexico has been lost? When the Powers that Be recognize that four of our states border on a, not only unstable but, lawless country? Hell, we can’t wage war on Mexico! We’d lose Southern California, Southern Arizona, Texas…

What to do? What to do…?

Hey! I’ve got a novel idea! What’a you say we just legalize drugs? Hell, I say we refine the cocaine and crap ourselves and undersell the black-market with high quality, clean products. Now that’s capitalistic spirit there, man; healthy competition, eh? I mean, as opposed to the ‘shooting people down in the street’ type competition.


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