The Killing Fields

I know I keep harping on about Mexico. But then, why shouldn’t I? I mean, to my knowledge Mexico is the only country of any size to be owned outright by drug cartels. These cartels are rather harsh in the governance.

Case in point: I’m sure you’ve heard about the bodies found disposed of down some sort of shaft. That was last May. They found 55 corpses down there. A rather grizzly discovery, eh? Well, (no pun) I suppose if a shaft isn’t handy but you have an excavator…

Last Thursday authorities were tipped off to another burial ground. This one is just outside of Monterrey in Nuevo Leon state. They are still digging but the body count at the time of this writing is at 51. Oh, and you might be interested in knowing Nuevo Leon borders with Texas.

The news media has begun calling these burial sites “killing fields.” How quaint.

According to published sources the cartel body count from late 2006 to present is 25,000. Yeah, I’d say the people currently running the country of Mexico are very harsh in their punishments, and their business practices are murder also.

When will this madness end?


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