District of Columbia Update

I mentioned previously that the D.C. council had reintroduced a medicinal cannabis act. Actually, it was introduced years ago but Congress killed it. D.C. has a council but, everything must pass through Congress to become law.

By not acting, this time around, Congress has given the nod to the “Legalization of Marijuana for Medical Treatment Amendment Act of 2010” in Washington D.C. The effective date was July 27th.

The law establishes a medical marijuana program to “regulate the manufacture, cultivation, distribution, dispensing, purchase, delivery, sale, possession, and administration of medical marijuana and the manufacture, possession, purchase, sale, and use of paraphernalia. The Program shall be administered by the Mayor.” The details are yet to be ironed out.

This is huge, folks. Basically, what has happened is the United States Congress has inferred that cannabis does have a medicinal use. Read that again. I wrote, “…the United States Congress…”

How long will the DEA be able to hold out now?



  1. GlennS said,

    August 9, 2010 at 7:54 pm

    As long as they want to. The DEA is under the direct control of the Emperor, who is in thrall to Big Money and seems, at least, incapable of doing anything contrary to their wishes. Including dropping the price of MJ, by action or inaction.

  2. capndrift said,

    August 10, 2010 at 8:38 am

    Yeah, but, but…
    Cannabis is classified as a schedule I drug because of the claim it has no medicinal value. I’m currently studying a research paper about the efficacy of THC and CBD in the treatment of a tough to beat breast cancer. The preliminary work is looking promising.

    There is a multitude of other published studies related to cannabis and medicine. The claim that cannabis hasn’t a viable use in treatment doesn’t hold water. It appears Congress is of the same opinion.

    If the DEA truly wishes to protect the interests of Big (Money) Industry then I could see them treating the cannabis plant much the same way as opium poppies.

    It’s supposed to be illegal to grow them but folks do ornamentally. The seeds can be bought as food. Dried poppies are used in flower arrangements… Growing them for the opium is a bust. The plant and extract are listed as a schedule II under the Controled Substances Act.

    Opium for legal commercial pharmaceutical use is grown with a special government license.

    You can see where I’m going with this.

    Move cannabis to a schedule II. A person would still be prohibited from growing it but with the proper licensing Big Business could, and then extract the phytocannabinoids for pharmaceuticals manufacturing.

    I’m not saying I’m in agreement with the idea. Not at all. It wouldn’t surprise me to see something along those lines happen though.

    And now to get side tracked. You mentioned pricing:

    I was sitting out at the picnic table yesterday bull-shitting with a buddy of mine. He pointed at a couple of plants and asked me what I figured they were worth. Not having bought cannabis in several years and not have peddled it in over twenty I had no idea of their monetary value.

    I asked my buddy what an ounce goes for these days. He quoted $250.00 to $325.00. Does that sound about right?

    Holy Joints, Batman! Those couple of scrawny plants are worth more than a grand! Sons of a bitch! The only friggin’ reason they are is due to prohibition. Plain and simple. When the prohibition is lifted those two plants wouldn’t be worth twenty bucks.

    Tying back in:

    I just went web surfing and found a chart comparing the price of cannabis with Marinol. Though Marinol is a synthetic the comparison should be (somewhat) relevant.

    One gram of cannabis goes for $17.14
    One gram of Marinol goes for $1,810.00

    Hmm, I see your point.

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