Should I Just Start a “Mexico” Category?

A wounded man stumbled into a military check point. He had survived a massacre. He led the authorities to 72 corpses. All of the individuals were killed in one “event.” What I’m trying to say is, it’s not like the corpses in various stages of decay that were found in the pit (52?). It’s not like the 51(?) that were dug up in some field.

These people were all murdered at one time.

All over the profit from the sales of illegal drugs.

From what I read in today’s paper (AP article) there’s an outfit (gang, cartel, whatever) down on the Texas\Mexico border that demands a price for crossing their little patch of earth. A good majority of the folks passing that way are migrants. (No, I don’t care to get into a discussion about illegal immigrants. I won’t. Thanks). The outfit calls itself the Zetas. The Zetas are purportedly  a group of former Mexican Army special forces. I imagine the drug business pays them better.

It’s said that they extort the folks making their way to the United States border. I think the Zetas message here is plain; To pass this way you must be prepared for, and obliged to, extortion. Noncompliance means assured death. In this case, 72 deaths.

This is fucking-scary. I’m not talking damned-scary. I don’t mean scary as hell. I mean, horror. What kind of individual could be a part of murdering 58 men and 14 women? How much money would it take for you to gun down 72 innocent people? Fucking-Horror.

They were still there when the Mexican Marines showed up. There was an ensuing gun battle. That body count was one good guy and three bad. The marines caught a kid that was apparently part of the murdering gang. Hmm, the cartels have begun an apprentice program? Oh wait! I guess that been going on for years, hasn’t it? (quick research) The mean age for a Mexican-American gang member is 18 1\2. 

When are the bureaucrats going to wake up and smell the blood?

When will this madness end?


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