Confused Frustration

You’re hip to that Canadian cat, Marc Emery, right? He was the guy that was selling a goodly amount of cannabis seeds out of Canada. The U.S. government indicted him and extradited him from his home country. It was (is) a big deal.

Enter “Marijuana seeds” into any search engine and see how many outfits pop up. Oh, a large number of them state they can’t ship to the U.S. or that the seeds are novelties only, etc. but they do ship to the U.S. The seeds do grow. It’s big business. You don’t see these folks being indicted and extradited — because they put their money in their pocket.

Emery was giving money (it’s said to have been millions) to various anti-prohibition organizations. His battle cry, “Overgrow the government!” is well-known in cannabis circles. Emery had to go. Now he’s sitting in jail up in Seattle waiting to be sentenced to five years.

He was indicted by a then (2005) U.S Attorney named John McKay. McKay is now a law professor at Seattle University. In an opinion column that appeared in the Seattle Times the 3rd of this month McKay wrote;

“As Emery’s prosecutor and a former federal law-enforcement official… I’m not afraid to say out loud what most of my former colleagues know is true: Our marijuana policy is dangerous and wrong and should be changed through the legislative process to better protect the public safety.”

And further;

“So the policy is wrong, the law has failed, the public is endangered, no one in law enforcement is talking about it and precious few policymakers will honestly face the soft-on-crime sound bite in their next elections.”

So what was the big epiphany between the attorney gig and this new university one? Was this the guy’s opinion when he charged a man with a crime, a crime his own country didn’t care to pursue, and dragged him from his home to face prison?

By the way, it’s not like McKay voluntarily quit his U.S. Attorney job. If he had of due to his views on the subject then I’d have to give the guy a pat on the back. No, he lost his job with a bunch of other U.S. attorneys that Bush whacked (Heh, I couldn’t help it).

Johnny smoke a joint with a cute co-ed?

No, really; I’m confused. This guy was the spearhead of a very controversial case and now he saying the system he was very much enmeshed in is wrong? I mean, I think it’s an admiral trait when an individual admits when they’ve blown it. I’m all for U.S. Attorneys (former or not) stating that the status quo is a no go…

Maybe, sometimes, I just don’t “get it.”

Welcome aboard, John McKay. I guess. You’ll forgive me if I don’t turn my back toward you?


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