From the F.B.I.

Things have been quiet in the news lately. That and I’ve been lazy. I’ll admit it. I mean, I could write about Mexico every other day but what would be the point? Those poor folks living along the border live in terror and will until something changes. One thing about all of the violence, I guess, is that some sane individual (with clout) will say enough is enough sooner or later. A sane individual, not the same folks that keep using the same tactics again and again expecting a different result.

So, to the F.B.I. report:

Their Uniform Crime Report  released the other day states that 858,408 people were arrested for cannabis offenses in 2009. About 88% percent were for possession only. Cannabis arrests now compromise about 52% of all drug arrests. That means somebody gets popped for cannabis about every 37 seconds.

Interestingly enough the recently published National Survey on Drug Use and Health reports that 16.7 million Americans had use cannabis in the last month.

Hmm, with a U.S. population of around 308,400,408 divide by 16,700,000 (carry the 1) that means that out of about 18.5 people, one of them has partaken recently (round numbers).

Something doesn’t add up here. It could be my math. And then again, maybe not.


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