Kevin Sabet

Is a special advisor for policy at the White House’s Office of National Drug Control Policy. He was at a conference in Helena, Montana recently and made some statements that, frankly, leave me scratching my head.

Sabet says the Obama administration adamantly opposes legalization and views medical cannabis dubiously as well.

One might ask, “Why?”  What is motivating this opposition? Maybe Kevin will enlighten us further in that regard. Hmm, let’s see…

“Marijuana is a dangerous drug that causes documented health and social problems and should not be subject to voter-approval for its use.”

Do tell, Dr. Sabet. Would you care to share that documentation with us? Please define “dangerous” for us, will ya’? As I’ve noted in this blog previously, as far as drugs go, cannabis is safer than aspirin. Exactly what are those social problems you mention? Could you be referring to the estimated 647,000 arrests for cannabis violations, so far this year. Yeah, I’m pretty sure if you asked those folks they’d tell you there’s a definite social implication associated with their new criminal record.

“Marijuana cannot be the one exception in history of the world that doesn’t go through a scientific process to be approved as medicine,” he told the Montana Supreme Court Administrator’s annual drug court conference in Helena. “It doesn’t make any sense.”

“…in the history of the world…” Whoa, dude!  Where the hell did that come from?! Here’s some history for you Doc, cannabis has been used for everything from fiber to food to medicine for thousands of freaking years! It was in over the counter medicines until the Harrison Act of 1914.  Hell, the AMA was opposed to both that and the Tax Act of ’37. What doesn’t make sense is the United States Government taking a perfectly safe product from the shelves.

Oh, and by the way, the Government has done it’s best to stymie any cannabis research for about the last 75 years. Let the research labs have their way with it and let’s see what they turn up, eh? What? You have a problem with that?

“How can we imagine that a dangerous, illegal drug like marijuana should be voted on by the people? That’s not how we do medicine in this country.”

There you go again with that “dangerous” thing. Sheesh. Enough all ready. “Illegal” is a bit non sequitur in this statement don’t you think? You say yourself that the citizens of this country are taking a look at rectifying that. If you drop the medicinal aspect for a moment and look at cannabis as not only a psychoactive plant but also take into account the industry that hemp would propagate then why the hell shouldn’t the citizens vote to legalize a very beneficial agricultural commodity.

This is a republic, right? In a republic the citizens elect other citizens who then go on and enact laws and stuff on behalf of their electorate, right? If you check out the news media you’ll see that it’s quite apparent the citizens have decided that those elected are not doing as the people wish. In how many of the current 14 medicinal cannabis states were those laws enacted by an initiative? Wake up and smell the coffee, Mr. Sabet. When it comes to cannabis it obviously is how we do things in this country.

“Research shows that marijuana use causes health problems, can be addictive, and kills and injures people on roadways, among other things,” he said.

Again, please show your work. Exactly what research done by whom? I’d be interested to see how many people have car accidents due to distractions (something on the sidewalk, maybe) as related to being impaired by cannabis. No, I’m not advocating operating a vehicle while under the influence of anything. I’m merely wondering if stoned drivers are really an issue on the highways. Oh, and by the way Kev, driving under the influence is illegal. I don’t see the citizens trying to repeal that one. “…among other things.”  What the hell is that supposed to mean?

“Legalizing marijuana will increase its usage, increase arrests for drug-related behavior and won’t eliminate a black market for the drug,” Sabet said.

This is another case of a completely incompetent government official. This one even doesn’t do his home work and pulls strawman statements from his dark nether regions. Take a look at Portugal, Kev. Yep, initially, use most likely will go up for the first couple of years. Then (most likely) it will begin to decline to lower numbers than currently under the existing law. If Portugal doesn’t work for you go back to the Alcohol Prohibition days. The incidence of alcohol abuse were greater during that time. Go ahead, go take a look. I’ll wait.

I’m surprised he didn’t mention the children! After all, isn’t it all about the children? For that, Doc, jump on over to the Netherlands. Look for the statistics on juvenile cannabis use. Are you shocked to find it’s half of what it is here?

Also, in the black-market the peddlers don’t give a fat rat’s how old their customers are. If they’ve got the money they can have the dope. I know it’s been said time and again but, at the risk of sounding like a parrot —  Today, it’s harder for a kid to buy a pack of smokes and a sixer of beer than it is a bag of cannabis. Under a regulated market an I.D. proving age would be a requirement for purchasing.

Hey, Doc, do you have any idea on what the mark-up is on an ounce of black-market cannabis? Well, the overhead cost is around $10.00 an ounce. The low-end on the BM is about $200.00 an ounce. That mark-up is driven by nothing more than cannabis’ current legal standing. What do you think will happen to that pricing when (I said “when”) cannabis becomes legal? What black-market, dude?

Folks, take a minute and ask yourself why it is these government employees are trying to tell us the sky is green and the grass is blue: That’s the equivalent to their current arguments. “They” can not come up with any valid arguments on the continuation of cannabis prohibition. Not as a medicine. Not as a recreational drug (heaven forbid!) and not as an agricultural commodity. They can’t even lie worth a damn anymore.

Ask yourself why.


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