Prop 19

I’ve been drowning my sorrows in prescription narcotics and alcohol. Okay, so it’s not like I don’t do that normally. I have been bummed though; crying in my beer bummed.

I’m not even real sure that I have any business voicing my opinion on the proposition’s failure. That niggles at me a bit too. After all, I’m not a citizen of the state of California. Frustration… Yes, that’s the emotion, “frustration.”

Oh I’ve heard and read all kinds of opinions (californians’) on why it failed. Among others — the election cycle was wrong to bring out the young voters. The law would have been flawed (are any not?). The proposition served only the interest of the big medicinal cannabis outfits. The list goes on.

One argument I heard was, it would ruin the mom and pop medicinal growers (I’m going to catch hell for this). Wouldn’t that be akin to someone back in ’33 saying that the end of alcohol prohibition would put the bootleggers out of business?

Man, I know there are folks out there supplementing their meager incomes with peddling a little cannabis to the dispensaries and whatnot. I don’t wish these people any undue hardship. Still, shouldn’t we consider the population of the planet as a whole?

No really. The whole damned world was watching Prop 19. Don’t for a minute think they weren’t. If it had have passed it would have gone down in the annuls of history. The world would have watched as the federal government attempted to respond. I think that was what they were waiting for. Not how the law would affect the “market.”

And what of the industrial hemp?

Oh, the infrastructure isn’t really there yet for processing. Though I would think that if it could be legally grown some entrepeneur would toss half a billion at building a mill or mills (textile or pulp, take your pick). I’d wager the stock would be a safe bet (that reads funny).

I was going to use an analogy. It would have been something like California dropping the ball at the five yard line but, while sitting here typing, it’s dawned on me that this game never got beyond the coin toss.

“Crack!”  Yeah, I’m gona have another one. So what?


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