Arizona Makes Number 15

Proposition 203 passed. It was by the hair of its chinny-chin-chin but, it passed. There are now 15 states (plus D.C.) with allowances for medicinal cannabis. That makes a tad less than a 1\3 of the country.

Like I said with the California thing (prop.19), I’m not a citizen of the state so’s I guess my opinion doesn’t mean squat but, I’m not going to let that little detail slow me down. There’s an odd portion to the (soon to be?) law that I don’t really get and then some things I think are right on.

The Prop allows for 120 state regulated dispensaries. I’ve no opinion there. “Whatever, man.”

What trips me a bit is that recommended patients whom live within 25 miles of one are not authorized to grow their own plants. Nope. They’ve got to get their cannabis from the company store.

Or do they?

Designated “caregivers” are allowed and they can provide for up to five people. Could an individual be as involved in the grow as they wish? Does this open up the possibility for small co-ops? I dunno…

I hope it doesn’t get muddled. The Arizona voters passed medicinal cannabis back in (I think it was) ’96 and ’98. Those propositions got tossed due to some sort of technicality.

Some things I think are spot on are:

A THC hot U.A., in and of itself, is not grounds for dismissal from a job. It’s not cause to have the kids taken away. Medicinal cannabis use is not cause for eviction or denial of education loans nor denial of being an organ recipient. It’s written right in there. That’s good stuff!

Yeah, I know South Dakota’s measure 13 failed. Don’t rain on the parade, okay?

Almost a 1\3 of the country. Assuredly, others will be following.


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