Deadly Drugs

There are times I suffer confusion. You too, huh? I suppose confusion is better for my wellbeing than outrage.  I am taking blood pressure medicine these days. Where’s the confusion? What confusion?  — You might well be wondering. I’ll tell ya’ anyway.

Propoxyphene is being pulled from the market. It appears that some folks taking it drop dead either from a heart attack or by their own hand. Sure, people do that without taking anything. The thing is, the incidence while using this medication is quite significant.

This drug was approved for mild to moderate pain relief clear back in ’57. In 2009 10 million people received a script for it. The average between ’73 and ’75 was 39 million. It is classified as a schedule IV drug (V being the “lowest” schedule).

Oh, propoxyphene? That’s the synthetic narcotic ingredient in Darvon, Darvocet. The other ingredient is acetaminophen. I’m sure you’re aware that acetaminophen will damage the liver when more than 4,000 mg. are taken in a 24 hour period. Propoxyphene can stop the heart or possibly have an individual sucking the barrel of a gun (one of those is not like the other). And Darvon has been on the market in the U.S. for fifty-three years.

Britain and the European Union banned it in 2005. A consumer watchdog outfit (here in the States) petitioned to have it banned clear back in ’78 and again in ’06. Ralph Nader, at one time called it, “The deadliest prescription drug in the United States.”

So, here we have this schedule IV drug that’s just now being yanked from the shelves… after killing people for half a century. Better late than never?

Cannabis is a schedule I drug (the “highest” schedule) that has no history of causing a single death in its 3,000+ documented years of use.

Do you see my confusion (I ask while trying to keep my heart rate down)?

If you’re a healthy individual, feel free to be outraged (Do it for me, will ya’?).


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