Man, there just hasn’t been a lot of news lately. The basic purpose of this post is so y’all don’t think I’ve abandoned ya’.

I’ve written a book.  Other than drugs being an important part of the story line it’s not relative to this blog. I mention it only in passing. And to make this entry three lines longer.

I’m working on a video script. That is relevent to this place. The topic will be the prohibition of cannabis. Yeah, I know, there’s a buttload of those already out there. Mine will be the cool one though. I also think a link to it from here would be a neat addition to Cap’n Drift’s Blog. If I get enough hits on it to warrant, I’ll do another on the prohibition of schedule one drugs. It’ll be a while before I get it together. I haven’t been a ball of fire as of late.

I’ve been searching in vain for the published results of Doc Mechoulam’s latest research on the efficacy of a THC analogue in the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress. The initial reports (as read in The Jerusalem Post) are favorable. Have any of you found it?

There’s that deal going on down in Rio… They’re supposed to host some big do’ins next year or so; the Olympics or a soccer game or something. In preparation the coppers and the military (theirs, I hear) have chased the drug peddlers from one slum to another and kicked their ass. Yeah, right.

There’s the usual photo of stacked up guns, dope and money. The body count (so far) is a bit more than 50 bad guys and 2 or 3 good guys. Something like that.

Why does this scenario remind me of living in a roach infested apartment? You know the way of it, when it gets too much the bomb is set off chasing them all away. The lack of skittering little legs, when the kitchen light is flicked on, might lead a person to believe they’ve killed the nasty bastards. Triumph!

Contraire, man. It’s about that time the neighbor’s had enough of the crawlies and… sets off the bomb. Back they come. Or, possibly head the other way. The point being the average population of cockroaches in the entire apartment complex remains constant. The just migrate from unit to unit.

Do roaches kill one another over territory if the Queen (queen? hell i dunno) gets wacked? See, that can be the fallout when the authorities take out an established “drug lord.” Dude would have had control of his territory and then all of the sudden there’s a void. A job opening. Sometimes the qualifying process begins with beheadings. Too bad they’re really not roaches, eh? I’ve heard one can live for quite sometime without a head.

That appears to be the case down in Morelos, Mexico (yeah, Mexico. Again. Some more). A year ago the marines killed a cat named Arturo Beltran Leyva. Now another outfit has formed calling itself South Pacific. The S.P. and B.L. outfits are killing one another and taking heads.

Just ask Edgar. He says he was in on four beheadings. Edgar and his sister were picked up at an airport as they were attempting to flee the country. Edgar is 14-years-old.

Remember, “It’s for the children.”


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