In Oaksterdam

You know, Oakland, California?

They passed a cannabis tax law just a while ago of %5. The city council, knowing a good thing when they see it, have proposed licensing four large cannabis manufacturing facilities. I mean like warehouses. I mean, like, 30,000 plant grows. These would be subject to inspection, regulation, etc., etc. I might have mentioned it somewhere else and other time.

The idea was to get these things going after the first of the year. (ominous music) The Feds don’t appear too thrilled at the prospect.

Depending on what news source you reference: The Feds are saying they will bust the operations and possibly file legal action against the city. I seem to recall the threat of legal proceedings involving the council members themselves but, I can’t confirm that.

In other publications there is a council member that states the Feds are just, uh, curious. He’s quoted as saying he has forwarded a copy of the plan to the DEA and Department of Justice and they are in discussion.

I dunno.

This I’m sure of though, the jig is up. It’s time for law enforcement to quit arresting people on cannabis charges. I mean, isn’t it a bit ludicrous at this point? Cannabis laws are a farce. It’s time to yank marihuana from schedule I.

And remember, it really isn’t about some cat sparking up a joint. It’s about some cat growing 1,000 acres of industrial hemp. Psychoactive cannabis prohibition is nothing but a red herring. Well… I suppose there are the pharmaceutical outfits. You know what though? I think even they are beginning to recognise the inevitable.

Oakland Raiders…? We’ll see.


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