Just In Passing

I watched a cannabis documentary this morning and learned something. The Marijuana Tax Act of  ’37 was repealed by the Supreme Court in 1969! How that little fact escaped me… I dunno.

And the story behind it is pretty cool.

In ’65  Timothy Leary ( That Timothy Leary) and\or his daughter got busted for possession. Tim argued that the Tax Act violated his 5th amendment rights and was therefore unconstitutional.  See, in order to apply for a tax stamp it was required that the requestor already be in possession of cannabis. That little catch 22, then, made it a requirement for said individual to incriminate themself.

The Supremes ruled in agreement May 19, 1969!

Of course, the Controlled Substance Act became effective Oct. 27, 1970. You know, the Act that classified cannabis as a schedule I drug?

I suppose that means, on a federal level, cannabis was perfectly legal for almost a year and a half.

The News Services reports that the current body count in Mexico, attributed to the drug gangs over the last four years, is 30,196.  This year’s toll is more than last. Madness, I tell you… madness. When will it end?


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