Movie Time?

Hemp for Victory is a classic USDA film in more ways than one. Various pro-hemp organizations were showing the film in an effort to prove that during WWII the United States Government promoted hemp cultivation.

The Government claimed the film was a fraud. No such film had ever been made by the USDA nor any other government agency.

Jack Herer, Maria Farrow and Carl Packard went in search of the film at the Library of Congress. It wasn’t in the card catalogues. There was no record of its existence. They weren’t dissuaded. They found it on a dark back corner shelf. Obviously, whomever had attempted to make it go away didn’t do a thorough job.

The above is one copy. There are many others out there. And yes, it is currently listed at the Library of Congress.


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  1. Gator said,

    August 19, 2011 at 7:13 pm

    That needs to be played as one of the intros to the movies instead of a cartoon! remember to buy war bonds and crap like that used to be played… this prolly was too once but I think it should go back up on the ol silver screen (or dvd)!

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