Another Letter For The Editorial Page

A Dec. 30 Columbian story “Safe streets” declared “For this story we’ve looked at just three serious crimes, the kind folks might worry about. We added assaults, burglaries and drug crimes for each area.”

Excuse me? There weren’t enough rapes and murders so The Columbian decided to fall back on the old standby “drugs”? What exactly is a drug crime? Is DUI a drug crime? Is standing too close to the doorway of a business while smoking tobacco a drug crime?

The words “drug” and “crime” would not be found in the same sentence if this ludicrous prohibition would end. Turf wars, crack babies and a large percentage of juveniles using illegal drugs would be a thing of the past. These issues aren’t of drugs but the illicit trade prohibition propagates and the threat of criminal prosecution that limits an abuser’s resources for help. The near 30,000 people killed in Mexico haven’t been about drugs, but money.

Drug abuse is a social-health issue … a crime? The only major drug crimes that come to my mind are the Harrison Act, Marijuana Tax Act and the Controlled Substance Act — crimes of a nation against its citizens.


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