Again With the Columbian Newspaper

The article I’m referring to in this particular letter to the editor can be found here:  Paraphernalia.

More laws are not the answer

Regarding the Feb. 10 Columbian story, “Popping pipe dreams: County eyes banning drug paraphernalia in convenience stores,” allow me to preface by saying I don’t necessarily approve of the display of these pipes and such in the mentioned stores. However, I strongly disapprove of enacting yet another law “in the name of the children.” Drug laws only perpetuate juvenile drug abuse. The answer is truthful education, not scare tactics. Lying is counterproductive. It discredits the pontificator.

More than 800,000 people were arrested on cannabis charges in this country last year. Approximately 80 percent of those arrests were for possession only. We incarcerate more people (per capita) than any other. We have a higher incidence of juvenile drug abuse than any other industrialized nation. How are those Draconian drug laws working out for us?

Another law? Part of the answer to the American drug problem is educating our children and honesty. That, and treating abuse for what it is — a social and health issue. We don’t need any more laws related to drugs. Actually, the evidence before us would indicate we should repeal those currently on the books. Now that would truly be “for the children.”


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