The Fake Weed in the News. Again.

(the info in the following post was gleaned from an AP article written by Jim Salter and Jim Suhr)

The authors write of a young man who smoked a little K2 and then sucked a shotgun. They say the “authorities” suspect nine other deaths resulting from smoking, uh, whatever is in that crap. They don’t elaborate on the manner of death, just “deaths.”

Emergency rooms, hallucinations, labored breathing, etc.

An interesting tid bit is that many of the compounds that are used in the manufacture of the fake dope (it sounds like some of it may actually be granules. The article mentions products being sold as “bath salts.”) is that they were created by a scientist at a university for research purposes.

The monster, once again escaped, eh? Hell, I do wish the story were fiction.

So the DEA has come to the rescue! They recently used “emergency powers” to classify five of those compounds as schedule I. Congress is getting into the act by having hearings to discuss curbing the growth of synthetics.

See, when the coppers outlaw a compound the manufacturers just add a tweak (making it legal), bag it and put it on the shelves. Some kid snorts the bath salts, or smokes the laced mint leaves (whatever) and does the fish dance.

And the answer is to pass more legislation?


Hang on here a second.

Can we address the underlying issue here just a moment?

The people using this stuff, obviously, want to get loaded. They, obviously, don’t want to go to jail for what’s in their pocket. You know… like that evil cannabis.

The article states 2,700 people have shown up at ERs this year from these “legal” drugs. And the answer is to make more laws?!

Hey, I’ve got one Hell of an idea, lets repeal one.


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